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Good caulking needs a lot of care. It is the main barrier between the interior and the sneakiest of water damage and the passage of hot and cold air between the inside and the outside. Caulk spares you a higher energy bill.

However, caulk also gets gunky, dry, and cracked. So it needs regular care, removal, and reapplication to keep your building snug, dry, and looking great.

Take care of caulk, and you are doing a lot to protect your building and the comfort of the people in it. We can assure you of that.

Caulking gets applied in all the small places that your building needs help in

  • door and window frames;
  • chimney and vent rims;
  • counter and wall intersections;
  • plumbing connections;
  • rims and edges in bathrooms;
  • other boundaries in high humidity areas.

Besides blocking air and water in places where you don’t want it, caulk can help unsightly gaps that need a simple, smooth look.

Professional caulking takes the guesswork out of choosing caulking materials, guns, and techniques and dealing with the specific needs of different locations in your building.

We have the training and the time to apply new caulking and remove the old. If you need an inspection, we know how to solve the potential problem areas.

New Caulking

When we apply new caulking, we make effective choices for the needs of your building. These choices can include caulking products, caulking guns, and how we use the product.

Because we take this process seriously, the caulking will have even, productive traits. Cheap materials and an inexperienced user would complete the job, but it would have an improper look and possibly not be protected against moisture all along the application site. Professional users with professional tools know these hiccups and can avoid them.

Inspections of Caulking

Inspecting current caulking involves us coming to the building. At this time, we look at all the locations sealants tend to be used. We check for the usual crustiness and cracking of caulk that is at the end of its useful life.

Besides the caulking, we investigate for signs of water damage. Water tells us exactly how long ago and how badly the caulking may have failed. We may even discover other issues that you may not have known about, but learning about the damage now is better than later.

During the inspection, we wander the relevant areas of the building where sealants tend to get used, not just one possible problem area. These locations include foundations, plumbing pipes, vents, chimneys, eaves, window and door frames, and the transition areas between different construction surfaces.

Removal of Caulking

You can’t get new caulking while the old caulking is in place. Old caulking can be crusty, cracked, and just all-around unable to protect your building. It’s time to retire it.

As experienced caulking experts, we remove caulk with the appropriate solvents and tools. We do so safely and cleanly so that the leftover space will be ready to receive a completely fresh and long-lasting sealant.

After removal of the crusty or cracking caulk, we can then apply a new layer of caulk.

Call a Professional Today

A good caulking service will keep your building free of cracks that can lead to various types of damage. It assures the bugs stay out, everyone inside is dry, and energy costs are low.

Do you need new sealing, need to remove old sealants, or suspect you need an inspection? Our professionals have the experience and credentials to meet each of these needs and advise you further.

Give us a call to discuss your specific situation and get acquainted with us. We will find the best solution for you and give fair and affordable prices that can work with your budget.

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