Deck Maintenance and Repair

Many folks underestimate the importance of deck maintenance. However, getting into the habit of routine deck repair will keep your deck safe and looking beautiful. Keep reading to learn what you can do to prolong the life of your deck and avoid costly deck replacement.

Cleaning Your Deck

Let’s start with the basics of cleaning your deck. The simple process of removing leaves or other debris makes a big difference.

After your sweep, spray it down with a garden hose. If it’s particularly dirty, you can also use some OxyClean mixed with water at a one-cup to one-gallon ratio. While you can buy actual deck cleaner, we find OxyClean is often more affordable and works just as well—it’s also eco-friendly. A push broom works great to scrub any stubborn spots.

Remember not to let any spilled food or drink sit on deck surfaces. It is easy to think that outdoor food and beverage spills aren’t a problem. After all, the rain will wash it away, right? But failing to address spills promptly can attract wood-feeding insects.

Sealing Your Deck

Preventing moisture build-up on your deck should be a top priority, and that’s the main purpose of a deck sealer.

A high-quality deck sealant will prolong the life of your deck and make it easier to clean in the process. Typically, your deck will need to be sealed about once a year, but if you use it a lot or it sees heavy wear and tear, if you have large dogs, for instance, it may need to be resealed more frequently.

If you’re not sure if your deck needs new sealant, feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to take a look and do a full inspection. Before applying a sealant, the wood also has to be completely dry. If it is a new or recently replaced deck, we’ll need to allow the wood to dry for a few months before applying a sealer.

Other Aspects of Deck Repair to Keep in Mind

While cleaning your deck, keep a lookout for any small cracks, peeling, or other signs of damage. Addressing these issues before they progress to full-on rot will prevent the need to replace all or some of your deck.

While the base is an integral piece, be sure not to neglect other components, such as the railings. Often, deck railings become wobbly over time, which can be a dangerous situation. Structural instability is not something you want to play around with.

We Are Deck Maintenance and Repair Specialists

As you can see, deck repair and maintenance doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. Keep your deck clean and sealed, and make sure to reach out for help if the structural integrity of your deck has been compromised.

Here at One Man & A Tool Box, we are happy to assist Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery residents. Just reach out at the appropriate number below, and you’ll be on your way to adding that extra panache to your home’s deck.

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