Mailbox Installation

Do you need a new mailbox? Maybe the old one suffered at the back of a tragic bumper backup. Or perhaps you are moving into a new home, and this is the first mailbox on the property. What do you need to know about installing a mailbox? Are there regulations?

One Man & A Tool Box will take the worry out of the picture. We value honesty, competency, and reliability, and we have been in business since 1997. Let our licensed professionals experienced in mailbox installations review your project goals and arrange a convenient appointment.

You can trust our history of repair, improvement, and specialty projects in residential and commercial environments. If you have other kinds of mailbox projects than the general ones mentioned here, please feel free to give us a call and discuss your ideas.

One Man & A Toolbox greet all handyman-type challenges. Patching up your mailbox’s numbers matters as much as the aesthetics, and well-fitted mail doors matter as much as a solidly-built and positioned mailbox post. We offer these services with swift, professional skills. If you have a new idea for a project, we can come back and do more.

Mailbox Construction

We know the postmaster general’s standard requirements. Whether you want the mailbox built or if you already bought one you like and need a proper installation, we know what to do and will handle your box with care.

We understand the United States Postal Service–approved sizes and construction standards. If you have box design plans, we can use the specifications that are suitable for work and submission to the local postmaster.

Mailbox Installation

When we install mailboxes, we are aware of local and national rules and regulations.

We will keep the bottom of the box forty-one to forty-five inches from the road surface. We do this not because of policy but because it is a convenient height to grab the mail. We will also place the box between six and eight inches from the curb so drivers will not strike your new mailbox.

Do you live on a busy or curvy street? If so, and you suspect your mailbox will be at unusual risk of getting hit, we can recommend support types such as four-by-four wooden posts or two-inch-diameter steel or aluminum pipes. We can embed these posts deep into the ground to avoid having to worry about the box toppling over.

Do you have or want a wall-mounted mailbox? These boxes have fewer regulations and do not need a postmaster general’s seal of approval. However, they still need to have similar placement concerning your drive and the road.

If your mailbox needs its numbers placed on it, we can do that too.

Mailbox Maintenance

Mailboxes are the soldiers of household infrastructure. They stand in the face of bad drivers, harsh weather, and opinionated animals. That is why we recommend investing in maintenance to keep the box upright, prevent letting in more water than necessary, and still retain your address numbers.

Our experts can visit your mailbox to get the door functioning again, patch up rusty corners, replace missing or unclear numbers, make the post upright, and have the box easy to find and reach so you and your neighborhood mailperson are happy.

Call a Professional Today

If you have a dream design for a mailbox, need an installation, or could use maintenance, then give us a call. We can go over expectations like regulations and how our professionals will work for you. We will provide practical work, friendly workers, and affordable prices that can fit any budget.

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