Rotted Wood Repair

Using wood inside and outside of homes is an easy way to add beauty and sturdiness to your property. However, when exposed to natural elements such as extreme temperatures, wind, and pests, your wood can start to rot and threaten the structure of your home.

Before these eroded areas can become a danger to you and your belongings, call us at One Man & A Toolbox. We will send our experienced craftsmen to your location with the tools they need to handle your rotten wood replacement. 

We Include You Every Step of the Way

When you hire our insured handymen from One Man & A Toolbox, we make sure that you are included in every step of the process. That way, you know that you are getting the service you paid for. From the first free estimate to cleaning up after completion, we strive to provide you with the best service in the spirit of honesty and excellence. 

Property Inspection and Consultation

Our professional handymen will inspect the property with you to verify each location with rotten wood. This helps us work with you to treat damaged areas quickly and to create an estimate based on the severity and number of rotted areas. Rotten areas with isolated problems can often be repaired but larger rotten sections might require replacing the entire piece of wood. 

Rotted Wood Replacement

Our handymen will repair or replace affected areas with new pieces of wood or with cellular PVC or Hardie Plank substitute material. The substitute material closely mimics wood but is stronger and more flexible—plus, it prevents rot from returning in the same area. If we notice any additional rotted areas, we will notify you immediately and work with you to revise the quote. 

Review with Client

After the repairs are complete, our contractors will revisit each area with you to verify that you are satisfied with the work. This is the perfect time to raise any final questions or concerns you may have before the job is complete so that our finished project will meet your expectations. 


To finish the process, our workers will apply a waterproof sealant to unaffected areas of the wood to prevent wood rot from affecting any of those areas in the future. Afterward, we will paint each repaired section to allow the new wood or replacement material to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding structures. We also provide optional deck staining services to protect your outdoor structures even further against future rot.

Cleaning Up

When our One Man & A Toolbox workers leave after finishing their work, they make sure to leave everything cleaner than they found it. We will remove all damaged material as well as any debris, paint chips, and unused material in the work area so you can immediately take advantage of your repaired facilities. 

Do not wait until your rotted wood worsens and causes a more dangerous and expensive problem in your home. Let our team at One Man & A Toolbox provide you with professional rotten wood replacement services quickly and at a reasonable price.

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