Picture Hanging

Whether for a business or your home, artwork breathes life into a room. Your photos or pictures are the highest form of self-expression and can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your space. That being said, picture hanging is not a task to take lightly—our professionals at One Man & A Toolbox can help you get your project finished quickly and effectively.

Aside from choosing the right kinds of anchors and making sure they are placed appropriately, awkward spaces, heavy frames, and hard-to-reach areas can make picture hanging an arduous project for just one person. Our expert team has the right equipment and all the skills necessary to securely install your artwork on just about any wall surface, including plaster, brick, stone, drywall, and wood.


Designing the perfect wall is challenging in itself, but hanging artwork in wall groupings comes with additional considerations, such as symmetry and spacing. Ensuring each piece is level and well-coordinated with surrounding pieces takes patience and an expert eye for detail. Our team can assess every detail of your project and make sure the appropriate tools and hardware are used to keep your wall grouping hanging neatly.


The biggest risk for heavy paintings or pictures is having them fall off the wall if not secured properly. Heavy artwork can cause significant damage to the wall and other surfaces if its hooks should give under the weight. Understanding the type of wall, the most appropriate anchor hardware to use, and the right hoisting equipment needed is essential to hanging heavy pieces safely. Our technicians are trained in installation techniques that will protect both your artwork and your home.


Some paintings and pictures are not necessarily heavy or awkward but are simply just too large to handle yourself. However, like heavy artwork, the biggest risk is having it shift on the wall over time. Determining the placement is key, and our professionals can save you time and potential damages, as well as peace of mind. One Man & A Toolbox has the resources to ensure your artwork stays put for years to come.


Not every frame comes with the appropriate mounting hardware, but it can be difficult to know whether or not the standard hanging anchors and hooks will hold up to the task. For this, an expert eye will catch any problems before they arise and will know how to assess the wall’s surface to ensure the best hanging options. Our professionals can help you choose and install the most durable and heavy-duty hardware needed for your project.


From wall groupings to especially large or heavy artwork, our specialists can securely hang any type of picture, mirror, artwork, photo, instrument, or special project. We take great care to ensure that your prized artwork becomes the focal point of your space, while also safely handling the logistics and challenges of installation. Save yourself the stress and grief by calling us today for a consultation or requesting service on our website.

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